Bridging the Gap with Our Folder

Last month, a printer that we work closely with started having some issues with his folder and needed to order replacement parts which would take 3 days to arrive from a supplier in California.  He was located not far from one of our regular delivery destinations (about an hour from our location) and since we had a truck in his area we were able to pick up the 40,000 letters he needed to fold that day.  Even though we were busy, we were able to use one of our five folders to help him out.  Because we were in the same area the very next day, we delivered them back to him.  Crisis averted.

Turnaround Before Lunch

At 8:30, a customer walked in looking to get a package printed that consisted of a #9 return envelope, a #10 carrier, a letter and a reply card.  The only catch was that they did not have electronic art, only samples from a previous run.  Our Digital Pre-Press department was able to completely recreate the art from scratch and by noon, was able to provide the customer with digital proofs.

We Have the Inventory

A customer was recently doing a large mailing for which we printed a letter and reply.  When the job was inserting at the mailshop, it was discovered that the envelope vendor didn’t supply enough blue wove #9’s.  The customer contacted the vendor and was told that it would be 3-4 days before they could produce more blue #9’s.  Later in the day, the customer called and filled us in on their dilemma.  We quickly checked our inventory and found out that we had just the amount they needed on our floor.  We printed them that day and delivered them the next morning before the mailshop ran out of the #9’s.

Meeting the Maildate

Lets face it, mistakes do happen in the printing industry.  Recently, an error was discovered by a customer when the mailshop was setting up a package for insertion.  The package had to be in the mail that day.  We were able to reprint the particular item and deliver it back to the mailshop the same day and our customer was still able to meet their maildate.