Pre-Press, or the process of preparing digital files for printing, is the lynchpin for all successfully printed material. During the pre-press stage, our professionals work with graphic designers to ensure the desktop publishing files have all the necessary information included and are properly arranged so that the customer’s design will print the way it is intended. During our Preflight process, our Digital Pre-Press department confirms that the files, images and other components you provide will meet your expectations on press; if not, we will work with the customer to adapt designs for improved output.

A customer service representative (CSR) is assigned specifically to your account, and is available to walk you through any issues or questions regarding the process:

  • Avalanche Services provides secure file transfer service 24-hours a day – from your computer to our digital pre-press department.
  • Upon receipt of files, a digital pre-press specialist checks each file to ensure it is prepared properly for proofing.
  • Remote proofs (via PDF) or digital hard proofs are delivered for customer review.
  • Upon approval from the customer, these proofs are printed to size so that press output can be matched exactly to what was approved.
  • Our CSR’s and Digital Pre-Press department welcome questions at any time; feel free to call them at (304) 724-6700 before, during or after the process.